SEO or Target Marketing?

Peter J Rich – July 2017

So you are a Real or Mortgage Professional and you have a website… It probably consumed most of your time even if you had someone design and build it for you, seriously how many nights did you lay there in bed thinking about all the possibilities, the colors, the fonts. What to have in it and what to leave out. If it seems I’m getting somewhat carried away the truth be told this is what I went through when I went through the same process with the Cannek site.

So what’s it all been for, your child has been launched on the world wide web for all to see, or will they?  Continuing with the artist analogy – who will come to see your hard work, will it stay there floating in cyberspace never to be really appreciated? The answer might lie in the basics of questions and that is why did you create your site in the first place?  Let’s see if we can drill down on that answer.I have know several realtors and mortgage brokers who have become consumed in the process.  

When you get to the end it’s much the same possibly as a artist who steps back from their completed masterpiece with a sigh of relief. Comparing any website to a work of art is extreme. Although organizations such as CSS DesignAwards may beg to differ with over 17 years of prestigious awards and hundreds of example for the wondering eye to appreciate (or not).

  • The get more sales and ultimately an increase in business revenue.
  • To increase brand awareness.
  • Rise to the top of the crowd

What we don’t want to have happen is for your website to become a deserted billboard on some distant and remote internet highway.

There could be a solution: We call it target marketing

Someone once said “It’s cheaper to look after an old client than to spend morey looking for a new one”  I Googled that but couldn’t find an the exact quote.  Forbes magazine has an article entitled “Make new friends,keep the old. One is silver, the other gold.” This is true and the fact is it is way more cost effective. I’m not knocking SEO. we recently bought some new laptops, I’m glad the big boys had spent tens of thousands of dollars so that were nicely parked on the front page of Google.

Obviously I am biased at Cannek, although we do create online Magazine Websites for clients, but there is no doubt that Another great article over at entitled The Battle for Traffic: Organic SEO vs. Social Media Marketing explains in detail how Social Media should become part of any business marketing plan, large or small.

Thank you Facebook – thank you!

Like all Social Media platforms it’s free- and if you have been using for fun and for profit you already have friends and past clients, a captive audience. The key to make it work for you and something we always stress at Cannek is consistency, your goal (and ours) is to make sure that Whenever someone that you interact with on Social Media wants to buy or sell their house or arrange a mortgage they think of you.  Fortunately today this can be done effectively consistently and at a minimal cost.

Social Media has tremendous benefits, it is your audience, you can be your own SEO. Use it (don’t abuse it) and you will be amazed at the connections for yourself, your brand.

Peter Rich is the President and Founder of Cannek for more information go to or by email at [email protected]




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SEO or Target Marketing?

So you are a Real or Mortgage Professional and you have a website… It probably consumed most of your time even if you had someone design and build it for you,

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