How it works


How it works

What we can do for Real Estate or Financial Professional is really quite simple (although it’s complicated ‘behind the scenes’) and can be explained in one sentence…

“When someone is thinking of buying or selling a home or arranging a mortgage – we want them to think of you”

However, you need to have an automated social media marketing system to reach them!  Social media isn’t a trend, it’s a revolution. With Cannek’s media management approach we do it all.

At Cannek, we not only know how to do this  – we do it very well, affordably, consistently and with measured results in 3 easy steps.


If you don't already have Social Media accounts, at Cannek we can create them for you with eye catching and personal banner images for Facebook, Facebook Business Pages, Twitter, Linkedin or Google+ If you already have Social Media accounts we can very quickly integrate them to Cannek's unique Social Media Management System. We can have you up and running in just a few days.

With the Ultimate Plan your custom and unique personalized News Feed website will be created for you which can include link pages to your current listings, website or rate sheet, contact us and about us.


Once all of your Social Media accounts are integrated with Cannek with the Base and Plus Plans we will post interesting and newsworthy industry related articles consistently and automatically.  Articles and videos are created for you and posted a minimum of 12 times per month.

In the case of the Ultimate Plane with your personalized and unique News Feed website, extensive news articles are added at least once a week, in addition to the Social Media accounts you have.  


Once your news site and social media accounts are up and running we will constantly update you with links and website URL's so that you can now promote to your business network, past clients, existing and potential clients along with other business professionals (lawyers, accountants appraisers)

"We believe clients are looking for experts - at Cannek we make sure they find you..."