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Roughly eight-in-ten people online (79%) have at least one Social Media account

Over 80% of clients looking for Real Estate or Financial Professionals are searching online

Now exclusive to Real Estate and Financial Professionals… your way to becoming an information resource for your clients. Be the Broker or Agent they turn to for trustworthy information, advice and resources in your industry. Create an even greater impression; so that you become the obvious choice for their next purchase, sale, mortgage or investment

Social media isn’t a trend, it’s a revolution. 

You need to have an automated social media marketing system to reach them!  In today’s world, if you are not building your self-brand & network using social media, then you’re not creating new dialogue streams and new customer acquisitions.  With Cannek’s media management approach, we do it all. We manage and post customer-appealing articles to your personal News Feed, Social Media accounts or your personal Online Magazine that will generate awareness and leads directly back to you.

With our automated social media marketing system, you can focus on growing your business rather than spending your time sourcing content to post.

"Hands down the best way to stay connected with clients"

Andrew M / Mortgage Broker / Midland Ontario

Incredibly Affordable

Online marketing through Social Media often provides the most cost-effective methods for attracting new customers. Fortunately at Cannek we have proven methods without having to spend exorbitant money to do it. For less than a ‘cup of coffee a day’ you can reach thousands of potential clients consistently, affordably with measurable results Helping you become the expert they can rely on.



The primary reason that most ‘in touch’ client contact systems fail to succeed is lack of consistency.  With Cannek everything is on time, every time.  Cannek provides consistent representation for you and your brand promise, your unique mission, products and services helping clients understand the breadth and depth of your organization.


At Canneck we make sure that your customers always know you are there. With Social Media automation and custom Online Magazine website we keep them informed with industry articles related to your business and market trends. A consistent connection will place you and your business ‘top of mind’ when it comes to buying, selling or arranging their next mortgage.

“Simple, effective with measurable success and sustainable results”

How people find us on the internet has changed, your personalized Cannek News Site along with Social Media integration can be viewed on all devices







what our customers have to say about Cannek…

Kanitra B
Mortgage Agent / York Region

“I was always planning to do this myself, now it’s done for me, automatically and as Cannek says for less than a cup of coffee, I’m happy”

Julie G.M
Real Estate / Mississauga

“Love this, ‘set it and forget it’ best way yet for my clients to stay informed with whats going on in real estate”

A. Patterson
Real Estate / Newmarket

“Involved in real estate for close to 20 years my Cannek news site is like having a silent salesman, makes me look more professional”

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